Hawks in Finals week 1!

With 21 out of a possible 31 teams in finals week 1, there’s no shortage of Hawk action in the season 2015 finals.

A current fixture of games and winners can be found on TeamApp

Divisions Teams Teams in finals
Juniors 9 4
Mens 7 5
Womens 7 7
Mens-Masters 6 5
Womens-Masters 2 0
Seniors 14 12
Masters 8 5
Overall 31 21

The first weekend of the finals opens with two U16 teams on Friday night, followed by a Hawthorn vs Hawthorn duel on H-1 for the U12 teams.

There’s no shortage of Hawks in Finals on Saturday: nine seniors games, starting with the third placed Womens Metro B Blue team at 10:30am on H-2.

There are two games at SNHC, 12:30pm Womens Reserves take on undefeated MCC followed by Mens Reserves against Greensborough – a team they lost to in Rnds 2 & 14).  A win in either WPLR or MPLR would be considered an upset.

Sunday is another big day at SNHC with both Womens and Mens.  Sunday also sees Mens Metro B Red in a knockout final at H-1 at 2:30pm (BYO).

At 12:30pm, the Womens team take on an undefeated Doncaster and then the Mens are playing Powerhouse/St Kilda in an elimination final. The Mens lost to PH/StK at APK in Rnd 9, so this is their first match up on a quality surface.  A win in either WPL or MPL would be considered an upset.

With your support, both of these are possible !

If we can win the Women’s Ashes, a hockey premiership is also possible.  Spot the Hawk WPL player in the Women’s Ashes photo.


For a full list of Hawks in Finals, see TeamApp on your mobile device or this link on your computer.