Brighter, more reliable, energy efficient LED lighting for the Hawthorn-Malvern Hockey-Centre

It is time for high quality lighting at Hawthorn-Malvern Hockey Centre (HMHC).


Vote for the Hawthorn Malvern Hockey Centre Lighting Upgrade


The Victorian government has a new initiative (Pick My  Project) to determine which  community projects they will consider funding.  HMHC has been shortlisted with a lighting upgrade (500 LUX LED) to both H-1 and H-2.


But we are in a cut throat competition with other projects.  The projects that get the most votes are the projects that will be considered for funding, the others miss out.


Anyone over 16 living in Victoria can vote, just select our Project and then choose two other projects from the myriad of projects available in and around Hawthorn.  (If you don’t have a particular preference, choose something that does NOT fit within the category “Community infrastructure, open space, sport and recreation”.  Projects in different categories to us are not as much competition as those projects in the same category.)


We need you to get your family and friends to vote at Hawthorn Malvern Hockey Centre Lighting Upgrade.  It is very easy to enable them to do this, just send them the link on our Project page.   There is also a link so that you can post directly to your Facebook page.


We need every Hawthorn member to get at least five others to vote.  Don’t forget to ask your hockey friends – ours is the only hockey project in Melbourne.


It is up to us all.  If we do not get the votes, then we will not get the funding!