Congratulations to Hawks who won at the 2018 HV Awards dinner

Hawthorn was well represented in the 2018 Hockey Victoria Awards dinner, held on Wednesday 19th September.

The prestigious Award of Merit was presented to Jay Stacy, our WPL coach, who will be very busy during tomorrow’s WPL Grand Final.  The induction speech recognised Jay as one of the greatest hockey players and coaches to come from Victoria.

In the State Representative Awards, Johan Durst was awarded the Max Campbell Award – Viking of the Year.  Johan was unable to attend the awards dinner, as he had Kookaburra duties to attend to, his award was accepted by his grand father Steven.

In the Premier League Awards section, Women’s Premier League All-Star Team, there were 4 Hawks:

Midfield Hannah Gravenall
Midfield Kary Chau
Striker Emily Hurtz
Coach Jay Stacy

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