An interview with a PLAY4BCNA Pink Sports Day Ambassador – Emily Hurtz

Recently retired Hockeyroo, Emily Hurtz, took some time from her roles as a nurse at a Kew hospital and the coach of Hawthorn’s Premier League Women’s team to share her thoughts about BCNA.

HHC: What does it mean to you to be a PLAY4BCNA Pink Sports Day Ambassador this season? 
Em: To be a PLAY4BCNA Pink Sports Day Ambassador means a great deal to me. Personally, it means I can represent and promote the BCNA message, support a cause that supports many people affected by breast cancer and their families and enjoy a Pink Sports Day wearing my pink shirt and socks with my teammates.  
HHC: Do you have a personal connection to breast cancer?  
Em: Yes, sadly my mother passed away due to breast cancer when I was three years old.
HHC: Why is a Pink Sports Day round different to any other match? Can you explain the feelings you experience through playing in a Pink Sports Day Round? 
Em: Pink Sports Day round is different to any other round because we (HHC Women’s Premier League) get to wear our pink shirts and socks in support of BCNA and spend the day being thankful for our friends and family around us whilst acknowledging those who are/have been affected by breast cancer. It’s a day that my Dad and I can share together, thinking of my beautiful Mum and of how proud she would be of us.
HHC: Why should local sporting clubs host a pink sports day to play for BCNA
Em: Hosting a pink sports day at your club or centre is an easy way to both show support to the women and families in your community affected by breast cancer whilst raising important funds to help BCNA provide their support programs and services. It shows the community the positive influence and difference being part of a sporting club. It’s more than a game, it is more than a sport – it shows that clubs simply come down to people and that these activities can make a real difference to others. 
HHC: How can I register to host a Pink Sports Day? 
Em: Registration is simply and online at or you can call 1800 500 258 from anywhere in Australia. 
HHC: What happens when I register to host a Pink Sports Day? 
Em: BCNA will get in contact to help plan your day and send you a free support kit with posters, balloons, temporary tattoos and loads of great ideas! You can also purchase pink socks and shoe laces to help pink up your team – on and off the field! There is even an option to create and order your own custom Pink Sports Match Day Uniform. 
Sunday 28 April is the Hawthorn Hockey Club’s Breast Cancer Network Awareness Network (BCNA) Day for 2019.