Tom Pinnegar (Pinny)

TomPinnegar-0405Position: Goalkeeper
Premier League games: 18
Started at HHC: 2019
Playing History: Started playing hockey at Cirencester Hockey Club age 15. Moved to Cannock Hockey club age 17 and won the National 18 title outdoor and runners up indoor. Selected for England U18, England U18: 2008 – 2010. Move to Beeston Hockey club at University playing in their 2nds and Premier League squad. Nottingham Trent University 1st Team – Vice captain until age 21. Junior World Cup with England U21 in India. England U21: 2010 – 2013. Moved to Australia to play Altona Premier League 2014. Returned to England to play for Cannock Premier League. 2016 moved to Oxted HC in the National League. 2018 moved back to Australia.
Profession: Digital Account Manager
Anything else you would like to add? Favourite GK – Gigi Buffon, Favourite GK save – Gordon Banks, 1970 World Cup, vs Pele. Favourite thing about Australia – Calling anyone you don’t know the name of ‘old mate’. Most annoying thing about Australia – Calling ‘crisps’ ‘chips’. Interesting fact – Once met Tom Jones on a flight to America and still have his autograph on a napkin.