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President’s Welcome for 2018

After a wonderful and very successful 2017 with 4 of the six Men’s Masters Teams making finals we look forward to another great year in 2018.

Our mission is to promote and develop hockey as an inclusive sport where people of all ages, levels & backgrounds can take up field hockey as a sport. Our Masters Section provides an opportunity for beginners, intermediate and advanced players to participate year round in winter and summer hockey. We offer a social environment where we enjoy a beer, a laugh and putting our game face on when the whistle blows.

Our goal is to encourage players to discover field hockey – see what a great game it is and how much fun is can be to play in a social, supportive, and competitive atmosphere.
Hawthorn Masters will field seven teams (six men and two women’s) in 2018 and there is plenty of space for everyone at every standard as long as you are willing to make friends and enjoy yourself.
We welcome anyone new; If your kids have taken up the sport, you are new to Melbourne, whatever the reason you will find a team of happy and friendly people enjoying Monday nights playing hockey.


Training for Men is on Wednesdays: 7:00-8:00pm on H-2

Training for Women is on Wednesdays: 7:00-8:30pm on H-1


For general enquiries about Vets (Masters) hockey contact:

Mens      Mike Ryan president-masters@hawthornhockeyclub.asn.au  or 0412 35 66 50
Womens  Carole Shanks womens-masters@hawthornhockeyclub.asn.au

Our Teams in 2018

Competition Team
Men’s Masters Over 35 B Hawthorn
Men’s Masters Over 45 A Hawthorn
Men’s Masters Over 45 B Hawthorn
Men’s Masters Over 45 C Hawthorn
Men’s Masters Over 45 D Hawthorn
Women’s Masters Over 35 A Hawthorn
Women’s Masters Over 35 B Hawthorn

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