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Masters President’s Welcome for 2022

Our mission is to promote and develop hockey as an inclusive sport where people of all ages, levels & backgrounds can take up field hockey as a sport. Our Masters Section provides an opportunity for beginners, intermediate and advanced players to participate year-round in winter and summer hockey.

We offer a social environment where we enjoy a beer, a laugh and putting our game face on when the whistle blows.

Our goal is to encourage players to discover field hockey – see what a great game it is and how much fun it is to play in a social, supportive, and competitive atmosphere.

In the 2022 winter season, we will field 7 masters teams:

  • Women's
    • 35A
    • 35B
    • 45's
  • Men's
    • 45B
    • 45C
    • 45D
    • Open's

There is plenty of space for everyone at every standard if you are willing to make friends and enjoy yourself. The Women’s teams play on a Wednesday night and the Men’s teams, which are also open to Women, play on a Monday night.

During the Summer (December & February) we join with other clubs in the area and play a social competition with mixed teams of gender and skill level. It is a good fun competition and is enables those new to the sport to improve their skills and get a bit of coaching from the more experienced players.

If your kids have taken up the sport, you are new to Melbourne, whatever the reason you will find a team of happy and friendly people enjoying weeknight hockey. Master’s hockey fixtures take into account school and public holidays and are therefore quite family friendly.

If you are interested in playing please contact the Women's President Sarah Gundlach or the Men's President Warren Edney.

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Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, social or competitive, young or not so young, local, interstate or international, there is a team that’s just right for you.

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