One Club, One Team, One Uniform

Our club uniform achieves a goal of whole club consistency. All players from Juniors just starting their hockey journey, to Masters players with a lifetime love for the game. From Premier League to District competition, we all wear the same uniform.

One Club, One Team, One Uniform.

Our on-field playing tops, shorts and skorts are supplied by Canterbury, who has been recognised for their quality and longevity since 1904. Our socks are custom designed ThinSkins socks, a specialist technical sock manufacturer.

The complete uniform kit is required and consists of:

  • Red regular playing top
  • Royal blue regular playing bottom.
    • Shorts (men's)
    • Skort or shorts (womens)
  • Royal blue regular playing socks
  • White clash playing top
  • Red clash socks
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Junior Red Playing Top

Red Playing Top

Junior Blue Shorts

Royal Blue Shorts

Junior Blue Wrap Skort

Royal Blue Mock Wrap Skort

Royal Blue Playing Socka

Royal Blue Socks


Men's Red Playing Top

Red Playing Top

Men's Blue Playing Shorts

Royal Blue Shorts

Royal Blue Playing Socks

Royal Blue Socks


Women's Red Playing Top

Red Playing Top

Women's Blue Playing Skirt

Royal Blue Mock Wrap Skort

Royal Blue Playing Socks

Royal Blue Playing Socks


The regular uniform is usually worn at all home games. The clash uniform is only worn at away games in circumstances where the uniform clashes with the opposition. Your team may be instructed to wear the full clash uniform or only part of the clash uniform i.e. socks only clash uniform - see TeamApp for current week's uniform variations. Our clash uniform consists of a white top and red socks.

Please bring all your uniform to every match.

Clubs also participate in some national celebration events by wearing special uniforms such as pink socks for Breast Cancer Awareness. HHC may be asked to wear their full or part clash uniform, at a home or away game under these circumstances.

Clash Uniform

Clash Uniform

Order Collection

During the HHC club room renovation, all uniform items are stored off-site. Uniform samples (for sizing purposes) and order forms are in the HHC container.

Orders are placed online. There is a QR code to scan at the HHC container which takes you to the Online Uniform Shop.

Orders will be processed at 3pm each business day. You will be notified when your order is ready for collection from the HHC container. Please allow 4 business days for your order to be placed in the container.

Your section President, Coach or Team Manager can obtain access to the container to enable you to collect your order. Collection from Mary St Richmond is also available, by arrangement.

The complete HHC uniform kit of five items (red playing top, white clash top, royal bottom, royal playing socks and red clash socks) is available at a special package price of $150 when purchased together. 

Important: When you check out online you will be charged the full retail price. When you complete checkout, the order is generated, and we promptly issue you with a partial refund back down to the package price of $150 for those five items. This is the case as some players order their kit across senior and junior sizes which alters the discount amount required to bring the package back to $150. 

Individual items are also available at recommended retail prices and are not subject to discount.

Contact our Uniforms Coordinator, Zoe if you require more information or have any questions.

Player Numbers

Hockey Victoria requires players in the following teams (male and female) to wear a number unique to them:

  • Premier League (PL)
  • Premier League Reserve (PLR)
  • U16 Shield A 

If you require a number please contact us.

It is the player's responsibility to have their number applied to their regular and clash tops. Numbers are required for voting purposes and HHC is penalised for non-compliance.

We use standard (20cm high) heat press numbers. Yellow gold numbers on the red regular top and red numbers on the white clash top. 

Just Hockey is the preferred provider for playing numbers. We recommend you contact the store to confirm they have stock of your allocated digits and the time frame involved. Garments must be clean.

The cost is $5.00 per digit (supplied and applied) and both the standard and clash playing tops are required to be numbered. Double digit numbers are usually allocated.