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General Registration Information 2019

  • For winter, all players are required to register with Hockey Victoria (HV), Hockey Australia(HA) and Hawthorn (HHC).
  • HookIn2Hockey@Hawthorn fees include HV/HA registration.
  • Payment of HV/HA fees must be by credit card (the HV fee is inclusive of credit card fees).
  • Payment of HHC fee can be credit card at the time of registration (subject to 4.4% processing fee) or EFT (see below)
  • Existing players must Login to the HA GameDay system with the email address that HV uses for that player.  If you do not login as an existing player, your playing history may be lost.
  • Please verify ALL of your details, your mobile number must be in the form of 0412345678 (no spaces, starts with 04)
  • If multiple players share the same email address for their HV registration, then use the ‘Register Another Person‘ button to select the other player(s).
  • If you have forgotten your HV password AND have changed your email address (i.e. you cannot use the Forgot Password link), you should request an email address change herePlease do not create a new player.

If you want to pay your HHC fees by credit card

  1. Select ONE subscription from the list of our HHC subscriptions (in BLACK).  Then process your registration and enter your credit card details.  You will receive a confirmation email to acknowledge your registration and payment.

If you want to pay your HHC fees by EFT

  1. Do not select any HHC subscription, then process your HV registration completely (including payment by credit card).
  2. Then login again, select ONE HHC subscription from the list of HHC subscriptions (in BLACK) and process just your HHC subscription.  A new option will appear on checkout allowing you to pay later. If you do choose to pay later, you will receive an invoice via email.  The email contains EFT details and notification instructions.


Follow this link to the online Hawthorn Hockey Club / Hockey
Victoria registration system.

Registration Portal Credit Card Fees

These fees are charged by the GameDay registration system, not by Hawthorn or Hockey Victoria. The values shown below were last verified on 18Mar18 and subject to change without notice.

Category Fee
  Junior – U10 $10.12
  Secondary Student, U12, U14 or U16 $14.08
  Full Time Tertiary Student $18.92
  Masters $21.12
  Senior Pennant/Metro $22.44
  Premier League Squad $27.72
  Seniors & Masters $33.00
  Family $58.08

Indoor Registration 2019

HMHC Summer Masters Registration 2018-19

Summer6s Registration 2018

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