General Information

If you are having problems registering, the following tips have helped some people register successfully:

  1. Use the Microsoft Edge or Chrome web browser in 'incognito mode', on a computer (Windows or Mac).
  2. Use a home computer (or tablet), not a work device that could be managed by a corporate policy.
  3. If you do not receive registration or receipt emails, check your online SPAM folder (or corporate IT if using a work email).

If you still cannot register, contact us and we will help you.

Register Now
  • All players are required to register with Hockey Victoria (HV), Hockey Australia (HA) and Hawthorn (HHC). Further details about this can be found here.
  • Payment of HV, HA and HHC fees must be made by Visa or MasterCard at the time of registration.
  • All parents and supporters are encouraged to register as a supporter of the club - this membership is free.
  • HookIn2Hockey@Hawthorn fees include HV/HA registration.
  • If multiple players share the same email address for their HV registration, then use the ‘Register Another Person‘ button to select the other player(s).
  • If you cannot find the registration category you were expecting to find, choose 'Supporter' and email your section head.
  • If you are no longer able to access the email you last used: email registrations.



The National Hockey Insurance Program is an initiative between Hockey Australia, all of the State & Territory Hockey Associations and Honan from 2020.

Hockey Australia (HA) collects Levy and all insurance related fees directly through the HA fees on the registration portal. All registered hockey players 9 years of age and above pay a component of the HA total fee towards insurance. This will encompass the Personal Accident, Public Liability and Club Management Insurance.

Please review the Hockey Victoria (HV) National Insurance Program.

If you would like to learn more about what can be claimed and how to go about making a claim please visit Honan Sport