A Proud History

The Hawthorn Hockey Club is one of the largest hockey clubs in Australia with over 450 playing members across Juniors, Men’s, Women’s and Masters’ competitions.

An affiliate of Hockey Victoria, the club is located at the Hawthorn-Malvern Hockey Centre, Auburn Road, Hawthorn, Victoria.


Club History

In March 1924 a group of hockey enthusiasts joined together to form the Old Scotch Collegians Hockey Club. Officially established as Hawthorn Hockey Club in 1999.  

Our rich history is dedicated to the early members and all of their successors who have enjoyed their sport and their friendships through being a member of this Club. 

Old Scotch boys establish the club

JR Lugg Foundation

The JR Lugg Foundation has been set up to achieve three significant goals.The first is to perpetuate the memory of Jonathan, who was only 23 when he died. Despite his suicide, it must be said of Jonathan that he put great energy into his endeavours and with terrific people skills, he really enjoyed life enormously.

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The club has a number of State, International and Olympic Representatives (both past and present) and continually strives to develop players capable of reaching the highest possible standards.

Premierships Won

2022 Men's Pennant A

2022 Women's Pennant A

2019 Women’s Premier League
2019 U12 Boys Pann
2018 Women’s Pennant A
2018 U12 Girls Pennant

National Team Representation

Men’s Indoor

State Team Representation

Men’s U21
Men’s Indoor
Girls U15
Boys U15
Boys U13
SSV 16 Girls
SSV 12 Girls
SSV 12 Boys

Awards & Honours

1982 R. Hodder

1982 J. S. Kiddle

1984 B. McClean

1982 N. Duncan

1992 J. Scott

1992 B. Stubbs

1996 B. Hutchinson

1998 R. Blair-Holt

2004 M. Tomlinson

2004 T. Melville

2004 I. Shimmin

2006 C. Tomlinson

2013 P. Lugg

2018 D. Brown-Greaves

2018 K. Stebbings

2018 J. Stebbings

2018 C. Fairbrother

2019 L. Laird

2019 A. Darby

2019 R. Ingram

2019 T. Hudson

2021 J. Brown-Greaves

2021 A. Rook

2021 J. Robinson

Policy Documents


The Hawthorn Hockey Club requires all members to adhere to all Hockey Australia and Hockey Victoria policies, as declared during their registration for membership (and/or competition).

Hawthorn Hockey Club policies are based on respect and openness.

Non adherence to any policy, whether explicitly published or implied, will result in disciplinary action.


New to the club?

Hawthorn Hockey Club welcomes all new players. 

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player, social or competitive, young or not so young, local, interstate or international, there is a team that’s just right for you.

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