NAIDOC Artwork and Uniform

We are thrilled to unveil Hawthorn Hockey Club’s stunning NAIDOC uniform, a powerful collaboration between Hawthorn Hockey Club, the talented Wurundjeri artist Mya Wilson and Canterbury!

The story behind the artwork is how players and volunteers work together for the club. How coming together not only as multiple teams, but as supporters and parents too, builds a strong foundation and strengthens bonds between families. Not only at the club, but outside the club. Painted around the theme of coming together, there is a big meeting place in the middle, then smaller meeting places around it. These represent meetings of the community and players.

Mya Wilson is a Wurundjeri artist who is inspired to bring her Indigenous culture to painting and has her own artistic flare of depicting Indigenous culture with bright pigmented colours. She is interested in producing vibrant and eye-catching paintings which provoke viewers to contemplate the relationship between culture and people. View Mya Wilson Artwork Instagram page.

This design beautifully celebrates Indigenous culture and fosters a sense of belonging on and off the field. Let’s wear it with pride today as we honour our history and embrace the spirit of togetherness!

NAIDOC Artwork