Women’s Round – Sat 7 May 2022

Get your pink ready because this weekend is Women’s Round and we’re raising funds for Breast Cancer Network Australia 💗💗!

In support of all of the amazing women we have in our life and at our club we’re hosting a very exciting Women’s Day this Saturday 7 May. We have women playing, umpiring, coaching, volunteering and supporting at our club, week in, week out and today is an opportunity to recognise, appreciate and celebrate their amazing contributions.

Everyone is invited to join in on the fun with everything from hockey, to music, to cupcakes and even champagne 🎉! Bring your friends and family down to H-1 and H-2 to support your mother, daughter, sister, friend or teammate.

Post day celebrations will be held at Auburn Hotel from 7:30pm onwards. Proceeds on the day will be donated to Breast Cancer Network Australia or Donate Now.

Don’t miss out – can’t wait to see you there! 😃💖