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Social media offers the opportunity for people to gather in online communities of shared interest and create, share or consume content. As a member-based organisation, Hawthorn Hockey Club (“HHC” or the “Club”) recognises the benefits of social media as an important tool of engagement, communication and enrichment for its members. Social media is now part of everyday life and is evolving the way we communicate.

This policy aims to provide some guiding principles to follow when using social media and other electronic communication tools. It is important that the Club’s reputation is not tarnished by anyone using social media tools inappropriately, particularly in relation to any content that might reference the Club. When someone clearly identifies their association with the Club, and/or discusses their involvement with the Club in this type of forum, they are expected to behave and express themselves appropriately, and in ways that are consistent with Club values and policies.


This policy applies to HHC members, players, staff, directors, officials, umpires, parents of players and any individual representing themselves or passing themselves off as being a member of HHC (“Members”). This policy covers all forms of social media and electronic communication, which includes, but is not limited to, such activities as:

  • Maintaining a profile page on social networking sites (such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or LinkedIn).
  • Content sharing (e.g. YouTube or Picassa).
  • Taking part in conversations on public and private web forums.
  • Email communication including newsletters and advertisements.
  • Online surveys and ticket purchasing websites.
  • Commenting on blogs or other websites.
  • Taking part in online votes and polls.
  • Editing a Wikipedia page.

The intent of the policy is to include anything posted online where information is shared that might affect Members, stakeholders or sponsors of HHC.

Our Commitment

Electronic communication is essential for sharing Club information with our Members and to people and organisations outside the Club. Our communication will be timely, appropriate and related to Club or Hockey business. The Club uses a range of electronic tools to communicate. The Club will make every reasonable effort to make sure that:

  • Club communications do not breach Member’s privacy, this policy or the Member Protection policy and that clear boundaries are maintained.
  • Any online bullying or harassment is identified and dealt with.
  • Material published on the Club’s website and any official Club online forum is monitored for compliance with this policy and the Member Protection policy.

Guiding Principles for Members

  1. The web is not anonymous and Members should assume that everything uploaded on the web can be traced, cannot be undone/edited and is a permanent record of online actions and opinions.
  2. The boundaries between a Member’s volunteer time, personal and social life can often be blurred. It is therefore essential that Members make a clear distinction between what they do in a personal capacity and what they do, think and say in their capacity as a Member of HHC.
  3. When using the Internet, Members must respect the Club and follow the guidelines and policies in place in order to ensure HHC’s intellectual property rights are not infringed and neither it's relationships with sponsors and stakeholders, nor its standing in the Hockey community are compromised or brought into disrepute.
  4. Members must protect their personal privacy and that of others by not including personal information in posts.
  5. Members must not make defamatory, or misleading statements or make comments that are in any way: intimidatory, threatening, offensive, obscene, insulting, provocative, hateful or in breach of the Club’s Member Protection Policy, including the Codes of Conduct.
  6. Online bullying, discrimination or behaviour in breach of our Member Protection policy will not be tolerated by the Club.
  7. Members must show courtesy and respect for others and their opinions at all times.
  8. Members must recognise that it may not be appropriate to share certain photographs, or videos online.
  9. Members must always use social media forums to add value and promote Hockey and HHC in a positive way.

Member Usage

For Members using social media and other communication tools, such use must:

  • Not contain, or link to, libellous, defamatory or harassing content. This also applies to the use of illustrations or nicknames.
  • Not contain, nor link to, pornographic or indecent content.
  • Not comment on, or publish, information that is confidential or in any way sensitive to HHC or its Members or any stakeholders or sponsors, without express permission.
  • Not be in breach of third party intellectual property rights.
  • Not bring HHC or Hockey into disrepute.
  • Be in accordance with this policy and the Club’s Member Protection policy.

Members may not use the HHC letterhead or logo or represent that it acts on behalf of the Club in order to endorse or promote any product, opinion, cause or individual concern, without express permission to do so. It must be abundantly clear to all readers that any and all opinions shared are those of the individual, and do not represent or reflect the views of HHC.

Official Club Online Forums

Anyone creating a new website, social networking page or forum for Member use, must first obtain written consent from the Club to create the page or forum. Similarly, appropriate permission must be obtained for the use of logos or images.

Breach of Policy

The Club continually monitors online activity that may impact the Club, its Members, stakeholders and sponsors. Inappropriate comments or content, and suspected breaches of this policy should be reported to the Club Member Protection Officer immediately.

A breach of this policy may result in disciplinary action from the Club in accordance with the Member Protection Policy, the Club’s Constitution or By-Laws or other relevant policy.

Review, Additions or Amendments

The Club reserves the right to update the policy from time to time.

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